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Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services

According to IDC, the spending on cloud computing services is anticipated to rise at a staggering rate of six times the rate of current IT spending through 2020, upsurging at 4.5 times the IT spending rate since 2019. It is the simplicity, agility, flexibility and scalability of cloud computing services that account for the exponential rise in cloud adoption. Besides, in today’s dynamic and constantly changing business environment, cloud enabled solutions and services rather than legacy platforms and solutions are what that drive business growth.

Cloud computing solutions do not transform just one application or part of your business but your entire enterprise. And security and performance are never compromised but rather enhanced. However, to rush headlong into the cloud is not a mature cloud strategy because instead of streamlining your business processes it might make it all the more chaotic.

What strategy should businesses adopt when it comes to Cloud Migration?

Every technology has its share of challenges. Moreover, one-size-fits-all cloud approach doesn’t work in today’s scenario since every company, big or small, has unique business needs. So you need cloud computing solutions that match your business requirements and yield the business results that you aspire for. For that you need the help of cloud computing consulting team who can address your concerns regarding the cloud, help choose the right model, and advise on the different means to leverage the full potential of the cloud.

What makes Delvetek Consulting Cloud Computing Consulting Services unique?

With many years of experience in the Information Technology and Cloud Computing in Canada, Delvetek Consulting has created a niche for itself in the cloud consulting services field. We have a team of professionals having expertise in managing cloud solutions from Microsoft, Google and Amazon. With our proven track record of successful implementation of different deployment models of cloud computing in Canada you can be rest assured of our cloud consulting services. Our certified cloud consultants, who have decades of experience in managing multitudes of projects, implement a 5 step consulting approach comprising of:

1. Identifying Business Objectives

Our first priority is to understand your business objectives which can be enhancing customer experience, improving profitability, gaining competitive advantage, ensuring greater productivity or driving business growth. We help you assess your business requirements to identify areas where cloud solutions can be beneficial and appropriate.

2. Evaluating Workloads

Categorizing your workloads helps us in assessing the speed, scale, and your security needs. It helps us to identify the business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities that you require. We evaluate the ROI and also identify potential pain points.

3. Analyzing Cloud Readiness

We perform cloud readiness assessment to evaluate the level of preparedness of your business for a smooth transition to the cloud.

4. Identifying the Right Cloud Solution

Our evaluation of your needs and requirements helps in identifying the right solution(or build a state-of-the-art cloud solution) that best meet your organizational needs and help realize your business objectives.

5. Developing a Cloud Migration Roadmap

We develop a clear and precise roadmap to avoid setbacks and bottlenecks when moving to the cloud. We also finalize about the strategy to be adopted for migration.

What makes Delvetek Consulting a market leader in Cloud Computing in Canada?

Delvetek Consulting is a cloud solutions company not just confined to providing cloud consulting services. Delvetek Consulting is a leading cloud service provider in Canada who helps you in planning your cloud migration from strategy to execution. We have undertaken multitudes of cloud consulting and implementation projects across an array of industries. We always ensure that the journey that you undertake to transform your technological landscape from an in house IT to a cloud infrastructure is smooth, agile and secure. With our team of experts with considerable experience in designing customized cloud solutions, you get a cloud infrastructure aligned to your business strategy. Hence, we are a leading cloud service provider in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Oakville, Hamilton, Guelf, and Waterloo/Kitchener.

Cloud Consulting and Implementation Services Offered

  • Cloud Migration Consulting
    • Application Migration
    • Infrastructure Migration
    • Microsoft Azure Migration Services
    • Office 365 Migration
  • Cloud Design, Architecture & Implementation Consulting
    • Azure Architecture Consulting
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud Security and Compliance
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Microsoft Azure Enterprise Mobility Services
  • Microsoft Office 365 Security Optimization
  • Microsoft Azure Security Consulting
  • Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Benefits of trusting Delvetek Consulting as your Cloud Service Provider in Canada

Delvetek Consulting is a trusted cloud solutions provider having technological capabilities to enable new and flexible cloud enabled business models. We have dedicated ourselves to providing best of the breed IT solutions that help businesses to grow and evolve. We are capable of designing suitable cloud architectures and solutions to meet even the most complex IT requirements. We work alongside you to ensure the best possible solutions are being applied for your business model. Being the leading cloud service provider in Toronto, Markham, Hamilton, Mississauga, Guelf, Oakville, and Waterloo/Kitchener, we are committed to providing a robust performance oriented cloud adoption strategy. By partnering with Delvetek, you benefit from:

  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Enhanced working efficiency
  • Seamless collaboration and communication
  • Increased flexibility and productivity
  • Scaling up and down as per need
  • Easing the process of scaling
  • Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Safely backed up and fully recoverable data
  • Greater business agility
  • Efficient business operations
  • Faster time to market
  • Flexible costs
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Increased mobility
  • More green credentials due to fewer data centres

Get a robust performance oriented and outcome focussed cloud adoption strategy with our Cloud Consulting Services.

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