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Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Azure Managed Infrastructure

At DelveTek Consulting, we will guarantee our valued clients that they will be completely satisfied with the quality of our services. Allow us to help your business grow without having to manage in-house IT or by augmenting your existing team.

DelveTek Consulting specializes in Managed Azure Services. We can proactively monitor your Azure hosted environment as well as ensuring that all organizational security requirements are also applied.

Our Azure Managed Infrastructure service consists of:

  • Infrastructure Services – Customizable Infrastructure and Platform Services with 24 x 7x 365 Management and Governance;
  • OS Support - Installation, Patching, OS configuration & Troubleshooting;
  • Azure Resource Monitoring – Proactive Monitoring of Hosted Azure components;
  • Backup Services – Secure your critical data and applications using Azure Backup and Site Recovery options;
  • Consumption Services – Consumption & Scalability Optimization providing agility, insight and cost control; and
  • Consultancy Services – Helping you understand how business challenges best fit based on your needs.

Our Azure Managed Security services consists of:

Azure Managed Security

  • Monitor security vulnerabilities;
  • Monthly security scans;
  • Determine the overall exposure to potential security incidents;
  • Control the exposure to threats;
  • Implement access and application controls to block malicious activity;
  • Implement Standard DDOS features;
  • Leverage advanced analytics and threat intelligence for detecting attacks;
  • Ongoing Security Monitoring; and
  • Incident Response.

Managed O365 Services

What is the Role of Office 365 in Modern Workplace?

Collaboration and efficiency are critical in today’s modern workforce. Geographical boundaries and time zones are almost non-existent as employees are able to effectively work remotely and collaborate over long distances. Efficient Cloud-based solutions further augment this collaboration to ensure that working remotely remains convenient and cost-effective.

Office 365 is a modern cloud-based solution that helps you meet the needs at various organizational levels. It allows you to be in sync with your team at any time, and from any location. Office 365 offers an innovative way for businesses to take advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies. At Delvetek Consulting we can assist you in choosing the right Office 365 service offering for your business.

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