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About Us

About Us

// About Our Organization

We are a Canadian-based IT consulting company in Mississauga, Ontario that excels in Cloud Infrastructure consulting and Managed IT Services. Our continuous analysis of industry trends allows us to keep you competitive in the ever-changing business world. With our decades of experience put into practice, we ensure your IT and cloud environments meet ideal standards and your enterprise requirements and remain flexible enough to grow as your business grows.

Today Delvetek is a market leader in Infrastructure and Managed Services throughout Canada and is continuously tapping new means to increase our customer base. Our goal is to create an unmatched customer experience and support customer success, helping each business achieve a competitive advantage through IT.

// Our Vision

Delvetek Consulting works with clients to identify their technology needs and provide scalable solutions that will help streamline and optimize their business in the rapidly changing modern technologies era.

Our vision is to provide you with tailored, enterprise-level digital solutions to meet your business's needs and stay competitive. Commitment to your success is our driving force.

// Our Mission

We leverage IT to achieve extraordinary business results for our clients and take pride in considering each client engagement unique.

We create the real business value you deserve for success by designing and implementing modern systems.

// Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
We Understand Your Budget

Organizations slow in adapting to the latest enterprise technology trends may lose their competitive advantage. Delvetek Consulting can bridge the innovation gap and provide the latest technology at an affordable price to your doorstep. It allows your organization to concentrate on your core activities while having the technology readily available to support your growing needs.

Competitive Advantage is What We Give You

At Delvetek, we partner with you to help you manage your technology so you can focus on how your organization succeeds. We leverage our expertise, service, and creativity to help you achieve by decreasing management costs and enhancing the quality and efficiency of your IT systems to gain a competitive edge.

Support from Experts

Delvetek's staff works around the clock to ensure your company is secure and monitored safely. As a Delvetek client, you have access to a team of IT professionals who help you consult for optimal solutions and implement the best practices for your business.

Quality People - That's Who We Are

Honesty, virtue, and adherence to ethical business practices are core to our conduct in all interactions with you. To ensure total satisfaction, our people are seasoned and held to the highest levels of accountability. Our talented individuals with authentic leadership skills have the highest degree of technical expertise.

// Our Clients

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What We Do?

// What We Do?

  • We help clients meet their business goals through technology.
  • We can help you save between 40-60% on your overall IT costs
  • We create modern IT solutions specifically designed for your industry
  • We have a track record of success and a reputation for offering uninterrupted and on-time solutions within a budget.

// Our Core Values

Passion Passion

We love what we do and aspire to provide a superior experience.

Ownership Ownership

We take pride in what we do. You and we, together, can work towards a common goal.

Unified Unified

United we stand is our motto. We work diligently as a team to provide you with a seamless experience.

Decisive Decisive

We are committed to what we promise and make informed decisions.

// Start a Conversation

We believe in listening to our customers to guide them to an optimal solution. Talk to us about your business challenges and see how we can empower your organization by resolving business challenges with technology and digital innovation.