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IT Procurement Services

IT Procurement Services

Computer technology has revolutionized the way most businesses function and will continue to do so in the future. Due to the complication involve, companies are often unaware of all that may be involved in identifying the right hardware for their requirements. They may fail to miss the crucial componentsrequired for the IT resources they are looking to acquire.

Why choose us ?

We, at Delvetek Consulting, will identify the common problem areas and do what’s possible to mitigate the risks involved and reinforce your in-house IT structure. We have a team of dedicated IT procurement managers who can provide an instant analysis of your business requirements and budget and negotiate with suppliers, and use tried-and-tested practices to deliver the competitive advantage to your business.

Choosing the right hardware and software is challenging, without the knowledge of which technologies actually deliver innovation it is easy to make the wrong choices and end up with IT resources that are prone to errors, costing your business more in the long term. Onceagain, we can help you through this process. Not only are we partnered with all major Hardware and software vendors to procure the IT resources suited for your business' current needs, but our technical experts can assist you with the custom configuration and deployment of hardware and software based on your needs, allowing for the growth of your business.

Our IT Procurement services includes

  • Value Added Reseller Services
  • Hardware Procurement and Sourcing
  • Software Licensing
  • Office 365 Licensing

Why Choose Us ?

  • Cost reduction
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Identify the right Hardware and Software
  • Manage your software assets
  • Business efficiency and compliance.
  • Sales & Technical Support

If you want reliable IT procurement services, Delvetek Consulting can help. We will assist you to procure a network that’s not only befitting for your immediate needs but also the essentials of your business as it grows over time.

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