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Office 365 Migration Services

Office 365 Migration Services

How Delvetek helps with Office 365 Migration?

Most companies are reluctant or hesitant to consume Cloud Services. By not adopting Cloud technology, companies are missing out on tremendous opportunities that could potentially provide with an competitive advantage. As cloud computing ensures increased collaboration, flexibility, security, and disaster recovery, moving to the cloud is the best means to stay relevant in the face of intense competition. Prior to consuming Cloud services, you need to confidence in technology experts that can help you assess and plan your cloud migration.

Delvetek, one of the leading Office 365 migration consulting companies and has years of experience in performing Office 365 migration across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We are proficient in ensuring a seamless migration with no disruption to business. The Office 365 migration is a multi-phased project requiring technical expertise and precision to detail and with Delvetek, you will have all the in-depth experience you need to in order to migrate small to enterprise environments to the cloud, and take advantage of the full potential of office 365 and related services.

We perform a readiness assessment of your environment, where we will evaluate your business requirements prior to any migration. This helps in identifying the potential challenges that may arise when considering Office 365 and ensures a effective and efficient migration. Based on the findings, we help determine the best approach for your environment.

Office 365 Migration Services Offered

  • Environment Assessment;
  • Project Planning;
  • Design & Architecture;
  • Cutover Migration;
  • Staged Migration;
  • Exchange Hybrid Migration;
  • Archive Migration;
  • SharePoint Migration;
  • Post Deployment Support;
  • Office 365 Education & Training;and
  • Advanced Managed Office 365 Services.

Advantages of Making Us your Consultant in Office 365 Migration

By choosing Delvetek as your consultant for Office 365 migration across the GTA you get yourself a workplace powered by the cloud. As migration and adoption of Office 365 is a new experience, we make the adoption of the cloud solution hassle free by providing dedicated training sessions. Whether you want to migrate your on-premise exchange or from other email systems to Office 365, we can ensure an effortless migration. With profound experience in migrating big and small environments to the cloud for a wide range of industries, Delvetek helps take the pressure off your IT team and allows you to focus on your core competencies.

By partnering with us, you benefit from:

  • Selecting the right licensing/subscriptions;
  • Readiness assessment of your environment to identify possible issues;
  • Determine the best migration approach;
  • Exchange Hybrid Migration;
  • On budget and on time migration;
  • Hassle free deployment, customization
  • Dedicated training for properly leveraging Office 365.

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