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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

What makes Managed IT Services important for your business?

In today’s complex and competitive business landscape, technology can enable your organization to operate with increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Organizations are not only required to have a clear focus on their core competencies, but to also recognize when to take advantage of potential opportunities that arise within the industry.Factors such as IT Operations, Employee Collaboration and Productivity could often divert your focus away from your core competencies coupled with the ongoing challenges of remaining up-to-date with the growing technology environment. Having an in-house IT team is often perceived to be the most logical solution for ensuring efficiency and streamlining IT operations, however, it does guarantee availability, performance and security. Embracing Delvetek’s Managed IT Services allows you to focus on your core competencies and allows us to support all of your IT related tasks and issues in a efficient and cost effective manner.

How Delvetek Consulting helps you with Managed IT Services Onboarding Process?

Delvetek Consulting ensures that a smooth transition to our Managed IT Services in today’s dynamic business environment, by implementing a simple three step approach:

1. Assessment and On boarding

We create a roadmap with clearly defined plans, tasks, schedules, checklists and timelines of completion to ensure a successful on boarding process. During the Assessment and On boarding phase, each task is broken down into smaller components and assigned to our team of technology specialists.

2. Standardization

We ensure that we establish a healthy and functional relationship with our clients to avoid potential conflicts during the transition. Adequate steps are taken single point of contact is appointed to ease communication between our team and support staff. Delvetek Consuting will also assess the quality network and system configurations and assist in aligning them with industry standards.

3. Monitor and Maintain

Once the On boarding and Standardization processes are completed, a walkthrough is provided to the client. Training is also provided to employees on how to engage with our team for troubleshooting and other technical issues. Quarterly assessments are also conducted in order to discuss your business needs and ensure that all requirements are being met.

How Delvetek’s Managed IT Services gives your business a competitive edge?

Delvetek Consulting is one of the leading providers of Managed IT Services in Canada. Our team is capable of helping you thrive and succeed in the dynamic world of business by ensuring that your IT environment is operating both effectively and efficiently. This enables your organization to concentrate on your core activities and business priorities, while we take care of your critical IT tasks such as security, updates, alerts, patch management, data backups and other day-to-day infrastructure related tasks. We avoid costly and resource intensive technological issues which prevents your organization from the hassles of operational and maintenance expenses along with time loss, productivity loss and potential customer dissatisfaction.

Transferring your day-to-day IT activities to Delvetek Consulting can help ensure a high efficiency operations and maintenance of network devices that span from desktops, notebooks, applications, storage systems, servers and other network devices.

With Delvetek Consulting as your Managed IT Services provider, we will alleviate the concern of addressing all potential IT issues. Through our Managed IT Services in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Oakville, Hamilton, Guelph and Waterloo/Kitchener, you can considerably reduce the cost investment required for IT services. As your Managed IT Services provider, we will proactively monitor, manage and maintain your IT capabilities so that your technology systems can become your greatest business asset, rather than a liability.

Managed IT Services Offered

  • 24x7 Remote Monitoring
  • Server Support
  • Network Support and Management
  • Data Protection
  • Database Management
  • End Point Security
  • Software Management
  • Application Support and Maintenance
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Help Desk Support
  • Managed Storage
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • Data Centre Management

Advantages of choosing us as Your Managed IT Services Partner

At Delvetek Consulting, we take the end-to-end responsibility and full ownership and accountability so that there is a minimum risk for your organization. This translates into maximum uptime, unhindered business continuity, improved agility and reduced IT delivery costs. Our delivery model is flexible so organizations are capable of getting a scalable framework that is entirely customizable to their business needs. Our highly experienced team of professionals are able to provide you with excellent service delivery with transparency and accountability. By partnering with us for comprehensive Managed IT Services, you will benefit from:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • High efficiency in operations
  • Better customer experience
  • Single point of service
  • Process standardization
  • Improved communication, enhanced collaboration and optimized productivity
  • Streamlined business processes
  • 99.9% uptime of technology assets
  • 24/7/365 business continuity
  • Reduced IT service delivery costs

Connect with us to onboard a flexible, cost effective, and scalable Managed IT Services delivery model.

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