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Security Quiz

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How secure are you?

How do you know if your company is secure or at risk of becoming a #cybercrime victim? Take this 10-question quiz to find out.

Take this 10-question quiz to find out if your company is safe and secure or at risk to become a cybercrime victim.

Yes, an Active Directory or Azure Cloud ID
Yes, we have single sign-on from another vendor in place
No, we do not use a centralized identity system or have single sign on deployed
All critical systems and data are automatically backed up and are tamperproof
Our IT team regularly conducts business continuity exercise drills
We use a cloud-based recovery service like Azure Site Recovery
Yes, we do have an intrusion detection system (IDS)
Yes, our IT guy monitors for cyberattacks monthly
No, we cannot monitor for such activities
Yes, we do have a comprehensive security policy endorsed by management
No, we do not have a complete security policy
We use VPN and/or SSL to securely access hybrid cloud services
We connect to the cloud via the Internet
We do have a comprehensive data protection program in place with rule detection logic
Word of mouth, someone reported it
We cannot track or monitor for data leaks
It takes us 7-21 days and we strive to patch quickly
We need 30+ days because it is a lot of work
We have topatch. Don’t systems patch themselves!?
We have access control defined based on roles andresponsibilities in AD groups
We don’t have any real means to reliably restrict access to services and data beyond authentication
We have a vulnerability management program and assessment technology in place
We let our IT admin run scans at times or wait for others to expose our gaps
We do not have a vulnerability scanner or process
We patch our systems regularly, remediate any potential risks quickly and have regular backups
We have purchased enough Bitcoins to pay for ransoms, so we’re not worried if it happens
We are small business and do not expect malware and ransomware attacks at this point

Most organizations don’t take action on cybersecurity until it’s too late, but a security breach could cost millions, drive away customers, disrupt your business, and become a PR nightmare. If your answers to this simple security quiz have raised concerns about your cybersecurity, contact us to learn how Microsoft 365 can help protect you against today’s evolving security threats.