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Office Relocation Services

DelveTek offer professional IT equipment relocation services including data centre move, computer move and cabling and data centre set up for the new offices. Our team comprises of experienced project managers to make sure our clients experience a seamless IT equipment move.

Your data centre and IT equipment is the lifeline of your organization. So, you will not just want anyone to do the job for you. You want a trusted partner who has the knowledge and experience to do the job with great focus and extreme care. It is here we come into the picture. Whether it is your data centre, computers, LAN closet equipment’s or any other IT equipment move DelveTek has the know-how to pack, transport, provide storage and install your expensive electronics.

We are IT and Data moving specialists, Count on our expert IT move service.

  • Computer packing and transportation, assembling
  • Data centre move
  • Fiber cable installation for offices
  • Data Cabling installation for the new office
  • Data centre set up for the new offices
  • Experienced crew members to handle your job

We will work closely with your IT team or professional moving services to offer a smooth path to project delivery. We will stand with you throughout the entire process, taking care of every step of your relocation to deal with any issues that may come along the way until your move is completed successfully. Before we conduct the move, our team ensures every risk is identified and planned well in advance. We understand your IT equipment is critical to your company’s operations, and we will take all necessary steps to minimize the risk.

DelveTek will take care of your IT equipment relocation needs in a smooth manner. From start to finish, we will ensure there is no hassle and your move is completed on time.

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