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Transitioning your Organization to a Modern Workplace

Evolution of the Digital Workplace

The world of work has undergone a digital transformation over the past year. Remote work is the ‘new normal’ and people have adapted themselves to the concept of working from home. As we begin emerging from the era of “remote everything,” it’s clear that the ways we stay in touch and collaborate are evolving. The workplace of the future will accommodate hybrid scenarios in which some people may work from the office while others may work remotely or some fluid combination of the two. This poses the question, has your business adapted to the digital work standards yet?

What is a modern workplace?

Digital Workplace

In the traditional workplace, businesses were able to provide access to the most comprehensive and secure technologies to all its employees. A modern workplace brings workforces closer together allowing work from anywhere, at any time. The ability to keep identities, devices, applications, and data secure becomes a top priority to organizations. Modern workplace solutions help companies streamline their varied business operations and thereby create a secure and productive work environment for their employees.

What are the challenges addressed by a Digital Workplace?

The ability to deliver applications and data to users securely becomes a challenge to any organization with workers in remote locations needing to collaborate with others internally as well as external partners. Lack of team collaboration, time zone differences, and slow response times has started affecting project productivity and performance. This calls for more in-person collaboration and ease of accessibility.

Organizations are finding tremendous value in bringing new workstyles and customer touchpoints together into a unified collaboration platform. It has been observed that employees who are provided with the opportunity to work remotely have a renewed commitment to their job and a drive to exceed their goals. As more organizations begin to move to a remote work environment, enabling communication and collaboration remotely while adhering to security best practices is of paramount important. The “modern workplace, aims to meet and satisfy four important quadrants, namely employee productivity, seamless collaboration, remote workforce, security and integrity of systems/data.


How does Delvetek help address the challenges of digital workplace?

Microsoft offers secure services & solutions that allow users to work remotely by leveraging cloud technologies like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Windows Virtual Desktop, Defender services, Mobile Device Management etc. Delvetek helps you with these intuitive modern workplace solutions that address your challenges of remote work culture.

Through modern workplace solutions, Delvetek provides companies latest technologies to help streamline their varied business operations and thereby create a secure and productive work environment for the employees.


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