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Combat Cyber Attacks through Effective Cyber Security Resilience Strategy

Gartner predicts 75% of CEOs to be personally liable for cyber-security incidents by 2024. This should be a wakeup call for all CEOs to take stringent measures considering the alarming situation that the world is in. When it comes to cybersecurity, Canada witnessed a steep increase in cyber-attacks as hackers and scammers made utmost use of the unprecedented situation brought in by the Covid-19 pandemic.

What makes Covid-19 a fertile ground for criminals?

The worldwide lockdown forced the companies to change their work model(s) all of a sudden. Remote working became the new norm and cloud migrations & BYOD became the new watchword for businesses. Though this helped companies to ensure business continuity, cybersecurity became a top of mind priority for all businesses. Within the four walls, despite the existence of BYOD culture, companies were able to ensure security to a great extent. However, with remote working, the threat landscape has expanded, and cybercriminals are not missing out any opportunity to exploit the new vulnerabilities. They continue to unleash a diverse array of attacks that include phishing scams, malware, credential theft attacks, business email compromise attempts and ransomware. Most remote workers have solutions that do nothing more than an antivirus solution, but it doesn’t provide the required security. In such a scenario, companies can only advise and in no way force remote workers to implement optimal security measures.

What can companies do to overcome cloud security challenges of today and tomorrow?

With more and more companies moving to cloud, securing devices of remote workers is quintessential. However, the means to achieve this lay with cyber security consulting companies such as Delvetek who has been doing phenomenal work in the cloud security services arena. In unprecedented situations like the one that we see ourselves in, the legacy security solutions do not stand a chance. Delvetek provides cloud security consulting services and as part of it, our consultants review your current security posture and recommend the right kind of cloud security solution that meet your present and future security needs.

How does Delvetek help companies to combat the different threat and attack vectors?

Delvetek being a Silver Partner of Microsoft has been assisting businesses to deploy an advanced M365 security solution. Our security solutions take care of multiple aspects of cloud security – Data security, Network Security, Identity Security, Device security and Threat protection. In today’s ever evolving threat landscape, more than prevention you require solutions that can detect and respond to threat. Through our cloud security services, we assure you not just cyber security but also cyber resilience.

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