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Are Data Centers becoming Obsolete? Let’s Find Out the Facts!

Gartner predicts that 80% of enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers by 2025with 10% already being shut down. So are data centers going to be outdated? Well, it seems true considering the fact that cloud computing, with its ever burgeoning list of capabilities,has taken the center stage with in a short span of time. So does it mean that cloud computing, which triggered massive changes in the tech landscape, spells doom for data centers? Let’s find out!

Why so many predict that the end of traditional data centers is nearing?

Traditional data centers being siloed have space and storage constraints, which make it impossible for these data centers to satisfy the growing IT requirements of flexibility and greater scalability. Besides, the complexity of IoT, edge services, and SaaS further burden the data centers.So, when you weigh up the costs against the limitations of traditional data centers in becoming competitive, robust or agile, transitioning to the cloud seems to be the only plausible solution.

Why more and more businesses are moving to the cloud?

Cloud computing comes with no strings attached. There are no upfront costs as it involves no hardware purchase (CAPEX), which in turn translates into cost savings. So, when you weigh up the costs of moving to the cloud against its immense potentials and possibilities, cloud computing comes easy on pockets. Besides, the Covid-19 pandemic has substantially proved the capability of the cloud in meeting the demands of working remotely and the collaboration needs of the people. However, it no way means that the cloud would wipe out data centers completely; instead it would serve as a catalyst for the data centers to evolve to meet any eventuality.

What kind of data center transformation are we looking at?

With cloud computing becoming a dominant force, the traditional ‘siloed’ data centers should give way to data centers that can adapt to cloud computing technology and thereby accommodate IT needs. The cloud model is a departure from legacy data center strategies since the model provides a pool of resources that can be consumed as services as opposed to dedicating infrastructure to each application. We need to evolve our traditional data centers into Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC)or virtual data centers that provide the power of cloud computing but yet retain the security and control that the traditional data centers have been known for.The SDDC model uses virtualization technology to separate the hardware infrastructure and then deliver it as a service.

With data centers moving to the Cloud, what should be your business strategy?

If you are still dependent on traditional data centers, this is the right time to evaluate the advantages of moving to the cloud.The best strategy would be to take the help of a professional cloud consulting company, who can help you understand the different cloud computing services and thereby simplify the decision making process. So, get in touch with leading providers of cloud computing consulting services offering Office 365 and Azure consulting in Toronto. Having helped many enterprises to succeed through azure consulting in Toronto and other parts of Canada, these providers of cloud consulting services can offer you many viable options to modernize your IT infrastructure.

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