Managed IT Services


We, at DelveTek extended our operations and expertize into multiple platforms to effectively provide exceptional IT service, development and customization, ecommerce and mobile apps. We help our clients fulfill their objectives with our extensive expertise on leveraging the power of technology. The success of many businesses greatly depends on their IT capabilities. Indeed, IT is the source of competitive advantage for many modern organizations.

For many businesses IT investment can become more of a burden than a benefit. Running a full-time in-house IT department can become difficult and expensive to manage. Shortage of qualified staff, time and money are some of the challenges being faced today. Hence, many businesses have turned to managed IT services as a viable solution for their technological needs. Our managed IT services offer multiple benefits that can lead to increased reliability, performance and security of your company and realize cost savings and simplicity when compared to running an in-house solution.

The most important advantage of hiring DelveTek is that we will work proactively to prevent unplanned downtime and will conduct regular maintenance and security checks in order for your IT systems to run seamlessly. We make use of the latest hardware and software technologies in order to deliver the best possible IT solutions.

Core Services:

Infrastructure Management

  • Software & Hardware Management
  • Servers & Workstations
  • Network Devices
  • Backup & Storage
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Data Center Services

  • Virtualization Services
  • Migration and Consolidation Services
  • OS, Database Support & Storage Management
  • Monitoring & Maintenance of Server Infrastructure
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  • Real-Time Project Visibility
  • Provision Software Automation Tools
  • Continuous Application Deployment
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Project Management

  • Manage Projects
  • Project Estimation
  • Prepare Documentation
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We offer standard and custom monthly maintenance packages that will best fit your budget and business needs. To find out more and to obtain a detailed quote please contact us at